Opti Edging

The latest measurement technology leads to a miximized edging precision and thanks to the computer-supported and user-friendly operation you are in a position to choose your individual cutting patterns and obtain optimum capacity. The Autojet is extremely flexible, boards and planks can be fed without pre-sorting and in various thicknesses. First the boards or planks are cross fed through the measuring zone, then they are aligned automatically and finally optimized value edged. Boards, laths and edgings can be separated in 2 ways: with the help of our patent pending outfeed edging unit or the outfeed separating conveyor. 

The patent pending outfeed edging unit separates the splinter and cut planks and boards in the same operation - without stopping the material flow - quickly and effectively. Alternatively, you can use the outfeed separating conveyor. This one is especially intended for a multifunctional use, as it enables to cut square timbers and multiple laths.

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