Boiler Installation 16 ton Loos Boiler

In June 2015 WIS sold a 16 ton second hand Loos boiler to Swartland's Boskor Sawmill in Titsikama SA.

WIS sourced the boiler in Berlin Germany, where it worked at a large meat factory and was operating with gas.

The boiler was 8 meters long, 3,5 meters in diameter and weight 40 tons. Due to the size and weight of the boiler, it was transported with a special low-bed trailer and police escort to Hamburg harbour. It was loaded in a great bulk vessel sailing to Port Elizabeth.

In PE 4 weeks later the boiler was loaded from the ship directly onto a waiting low-bed trailer. From Port Elizabeth (Kouga harbour) it was just a 180km road trip to its final new destination Boskor Sawmill.

The company "Transcor" did the collection in PE and the delivery to Boskor. Their special low-bed trailer with back steering axels managed to get the boiler very close to its final place. From there on Swallow Rigging took over, lifting the boiler off the trailer with special hydraulic cylinders and rigging it to the exact position.

Wood Industry supplies was responsible for the sale, importation, clearing, transport and positioning of the boiler in its final place.

The commissioning of the boiler was done by Boskor together with Bernd Kruger from JHB, who did the connections to the existing step grate furnace.

The project was completed successfully and on time.